About Me

Life can be anything you want it to be. It can be the soft pillow that you need to cushion you in the midst of crisis and hustles of life. It can also be the icing that decorates your entire existence.

Since my childhood, I have become obsessed with various exotic destinations around the world where I can spend most of my time testing my latest electronic gadgets, playing my favorite video games, and working out with my body.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough wealth to do so and I had to abandon my dream for a sake of my family.  After 15 years of hard working, I have been relieved of my duties as an entrepreneur in a private business.  I know to myself that I have to fulfill my childhood dream from now on.  I started packing up and set foot to the outside world.

I decided to set up this website to share my interests on the internet and, hopefully, it can be useful for all readers.  Life is too good, fun and exciting to live dull and in the dark. It’s amazing that information on all that’s needed to spice up your life will be sourced easily and free of charge.