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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo has announced that it would bring its anticipated social-simulation game “Animal Crossing” to IOS and Android mobile devices.  Considering that Super Mario Run couldn’t live up to the expectation due to the game’s pricing strategy, Nintendo has decided to release Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as a free-to-play game but it will, of course, sell an item called Leaf Ticket on the real-world currency later.  Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was originally planned to be released in 2016 along with a new Fire Emblem title but it was pushed back for further development.  Finally, Animal Crossing for mobile has been released for download in some regions like Australia and will be available worldwide sometime in late November 2017.

What is really the Animal Crossing game?


Animal Crossing is actually a social-simulation game developed by Nintendo.  The game does allow you to create your own avatar and also let you customize your avatar’s appearance such as body figure, skin, hair, eye color, and gender. In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you assume the role of a campsite manager who must develop and decorate your campsite with furniture and amenities to attract animal friends to visit your campsite.  Since Animal Crossing is an open-end game, you are free to do anything you’d like to make your animal friends happy so they will come back to your campsite again.

Why do you need your animal friends to visit your campsite?


The more animal friends visit your camp, the bigger community you can grow.  Your animal friends usually reward you with rare items like crafting materials or in-game currency if you can fulfill their request.  Your campsite is capable of hosting up to 42 villagers but only 8 villagers can stay in the campsite at the same time. As your campsite has grown in size and capacity, it will automatically attract more animal friends to come.  On the top of that, some of them may bring you a special event with rare furniture or amenities.  You can increase friendship level by chatting with them or just simply fulfill their request.  If your friendship level is high enough, your animal friends may keep coming back to your campsite.

Besides animal friends, you can also invite your human friends to visit the campsite by sending your Player ID online.  It will randomly match with other player ID who is playing the game.  You can also exchange bells or items with them.

How to develop your campsite?


At first, you will start the game with almost empty-decorated campsite and eventually, you will be greeted by Isabelle who does ask you to run this place.  Your job is simply to gather fruits and woods, to collect bugs, and even to go fishing.  All of these items are essential resources for crafting furniture and amenities to decorate and grow your campsite.  To craft decorative items, you need to speak to a handyman named Cyrus to put in the order out of resources such as fruits and woods you have acquired from nearby recreation areas like Breezy Hollow or Saltwater Shores.  Once Cyrus finished crafting, you can decorate the item to your campsite.  Please also note that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp retains its famous real-time element like its predecessors.  It means that time will pass like the real life and this is very critical to items to be found or animal friends to be met.  Some items or animal friends are available for a particular period of time.

What is the leaf ticket?


Frankly speaking, the leaf ticket is how Nintendo is monetizing the game.  Unlike Super Mario Run which requires you to purchase the full game, Nintendo has opted to release Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as a free-to-play game.  Basically, you can obtain leaf tickets from regular gameplay or use your real-world currency to purchase.  It is possible to play the game without buying extra leaf tickets but they will substantially make your life in the game a lot easier.  With leaf tickets, you can speed up the crafting time or exchange for some ultra-rare items.  Alternatively, you may plan to craft the item that requires more than half day or a whole day to complete just before you go to bed in the real-life.  The item will be ready when you wake up in the morning.  Follow this tip and you can save some leaf tickets for the next mission.

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you will start the game with only 2 slots for furniture and amenities.  In this case, leaf tickets can be used to purchase a more dedicate slot for crafting furniture or amenities. You can interact with the raccoon named Tim Nook to obtain or use your leaf tickets

How many locations can you access in the game?

Up to now, there are 8 accessible locations in the game.

1. Your campsite


Your campsite is the place you will spend most of your time developing it.  As mentioned before, you can decorate your campsite with furniture and amenities to attract more of animal friends to visit.

2. OK Motors


Even though your main area of focus is your campsite, you also have an option to travel between each location with your camper van.  The game lets you customize your camper van with various furniture and amenities.  To do so, you need to go to OK Motors to do your camper customization.  At OK Motors, you will meet Giovanni, Carlo, and Beppe who are ready to assist you.  You may even paint your campervan or upgrade the van’s size.

3. Market Place


You can buy furniture, clothing, and other items from in-game stores run by Timmy and Tommy, Able Sisters, and Kicks.  All of them are the familiar characters from previous Animal Crossing games.

4. Breezy Hollow

You can find crafting materials such as Peaches, cherries, pears, apples, and oranges in this area.

5. Salt Water Shores

This area is the perfect place to catch sea fishes but you can also find shell crabs, corals, and coconuts around here.

6. Sunburst Island

Bugs and coconuts are the main crafting materials found in this area.

7. Lost Lure Creek

In contrast to Salt Water Shores, freshwater fishes are the main item to be found here.  Other fruit trees such as apple and orange are also available.

8. Shovelstrike Quarry

Shovelstrike Quarry is quite different from other locations and only accessible by friend’s recommendation or by paying 20 leaf tickets.  This place is run by a guy named Lliod.  He is offering an exchange of minerals for bells.  You can obtain minerals by smashing rocks in this area.

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