Banana: An Amazing Way to Lose Weight Fast


Obesity is a true enemy of your health.  If you want to live longer, you have to keep your weight in check.  Well, everyone knows this fact but, unfortunately, a handful of people can maintain the appropriate weight.  People tend to do everything to find several ways to lose weight fast once they feel that they are gaining more weight.  Some people spend a considerable amount of time in the fitness center while some of them decide to take lipid supplements.  A lot of people choose the fastest way by taking weight loss pill (not recommend because it is very dangerous.  Most of the weight loss pills available in the market are not approved by FDA). Today I would like to show you the easy way to lose weight by using an ordinary fruit: Banana — The best diet to lose weight fast.

How to lose weight fast at home with a banana?

Banana has been known as one of the effective ways to lose weight fast by simply eating it instead of regular breakfast.  The banana provides high energy with many vitamins and minerals that the body needs.  Therefore, eating the only banana for your breakfast is more than enough to provide nutrients to start your day.

Is it really work to lose weight fast with a banana?

A Banana as the food to eat to lose weight has been proven for many years as one of the best ways to lose weight fast.  More than millions of people around the world can successfully do it.  By taking 2 bananas in the early morning, your stomach is almost filled up.  Your body gets full vitamins and minerals while it gets less energy than eating a typical breakfast.  Moreover, your body does not accumulate much energy and fats.  Ultimately, your body will eventually change some excess fats to energy as well.  That is how the banana is the food to eat to lose weight fast.  

Is Banana good for everyone?

The answer is yes.  Banana is an ideal food to eat to lose weight fast and it is good to people of all age who are serious about finding the ways to lose weight fast.  All you have to do is that you have to change your breakfast course.  Let forget about the full-course breakfast such as bread, sausages, eggs, ham, bacon, rice, curry paste and switch to banana and banana only.  Simply taking 2 banana and water would be enough to start the day.

Note: for children and patient in the recovery period, it is not recommended to take an only banana for breakfast because they need high energy and nutrients from protein, carbohydrates, and fats from other sources of food.

How to eat?

You can start by taking 2-4 bananas for your breakfast and then drink plenty of water.  You may start with 2 bananas if you think that it is fine for you and simply drink water (water should be at the room temperature).  It probably takes 15-20 minutes until you feel full enough.  If not, you may eat your breakfast as usual.  Of course, you will eat less breakfast because you’ve already had 2 bananas which take up half of your stomach’s room.  Once you get used to it, you may add up the number of bananas while slashing the amount of regular breakfast until you can eat the only banana for your breakfast.

Are all types of bananas the best diet to lose weight fast?

The answer is yes.  To lose weight fast at home with banana, you can use any kind of bananas available to you.  Westerners may familiar with Cavendish banana or Gros Michel banana imported from tropical countries but people from Asian countries usually eat various kinds of bananas such as Lady Finger banana, Pisang Awak banana, or Musa Bablisiana.  Since the idea of eating a banana to lose weight fast is really from the West, Cavendish banana is used to calculate the appropriate amount of daily intake.  If you decide to use Pisang Awak banana which provides more calories than Cavendish banana, you have to adjust the amount of daily intake by yourselves.  However, I personally suggest you use Cavendish banana which is easily available in any supermarkets or convenience stores worldwide.


To perfectly complete this program, you should also take less carb, sugar, and fat from your daily intake.  Additionally, you have to add high fiber foods in each meal and, of course, find enough time to workout at least 3-4 times a week.  You have to be more concern about what you eat in each meal.

Banana: Nutrition facts

Cavendish banana is the most popular type of bananas used to lose weight fast because of its size, availability, and taste.  The research has shown that Cavendish banana provides adequate nutrients and energy to those who want to lose weight fast.  The nutrients found in Cavendish banana are vitamin B1/B2, potassium, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, the polyphenol (an antioxidant that is useful in fighting against cancer), serotonin (helps reduce appetite) and some enzymes that help the digestive system.  Therefore, eating an only banana for your breakfast will provide fewer calories and energy than regular breakfast while retains most nutrients that are necessary to the body.


You can try this weight loss program right after reading this article because it has no effect on your body.  Please note that the real purpose of this method is to get fewer calories into the body so that your body will burn more fat to get additional energy.  Then you are likely to lose weight.  The test result shows that, by using this method, you will lose 4-5 kg within 2-3 weeks.


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