8 Benefits of practicing Hatha Yoga

Practicing Hatha Yoga

8 Benefits of practicing Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga emphasizes on physical exercises to master the body along with the mind as well as exercises to withdraw it from external objects. The word yoga originates from (ha) and (tha) whereby (ha) stands for the sun and (tha) for the moon. These are the symbols of duality in the world and Hatha yoga focuses on balancing the dualities and pluralities of life. In this segment I will be looking at the benefits of practicing Hatha yoga.


Like most types of yoga it is very healthy and helps easing back problems. This involves spinal problems which are easily solved by stretching. Continuous stretching your body makes you more flexible day in day out and it is very crucial in maintaining a healthy spine. Hatha yoga also helps prevent illnesses that originate from lack of body activities like flu and so on. It is recommended to take yoga sessions at least once a while.


Once you engage in Hatha yoga, it enables your energy to surge upwards. This prepares the body before going into intense meditation. Concentration therefore is of essence and you are able to focus on the matter at hand without any distractions. It also enables your mind to think widely with a little calm and heightened focus. When most of your energy is directed to the mind, you are able to focus more effectively.


Sometimes you just want to take a break and get yourself away from it all and what a better way to do this but with some peace and quiet. Hatha yoga pose hel you to relax and have some peace with your inner self. It provides an environment where you are in total control. You can choose to focus on the good things in your life especially the achievements. Anything that stresses you is neglected during these sessions. It therefore gives you maximum peace and relaxation. A special attribute to this type of yoga is that it’s not as hard as many other types of yoga. Therefore you can continue practicing as long as you want.


When it comes to flexibility, there are two categories that we tend to divide this into. One way is that flexibility does not focus on stretching muscle fiber but on increasing connective tissue elasticity, the cells that bind muscle fibers together and networks them with other organs. The other school of thought addresses the stretch reflex. Hatha yoga works with both. It makes individuals very flexible and is able to explore postures they didn’t know they were capable of.


When our body is off balance you get all sorts of cravings. I mean everyone does. Hatha yoga balances our body systems and regulates what we are craving. It helps curb so many craving like the desire to drink or smoke. Addicts should engage in yoga as it diverts their attention from their addiction to more important issues in their life. Yoga is pretty much the answer to most problems


This happens because when muscles contract and stretch they move organs around. In addition, Hatha yoga poses increase drainage of lymph which fights infection and dispose toxic waste products. People that go through yoga sessions have a stronger immune system. These enable them to resist many diseases and are able to live healthy lives.


Hatha yoga poses are carried out repeatedly and for longer lengths within a single session. It gives participants body fitness and makes them not weak and do not succumb to illnesses easily. Yoga may not necessarily give you huge chunks of biceps or well aligned abs like going to the gym would but it gives you just as much fitness. It doesn’t come easily however.


Being in yoga means that you stay in one pose for certain duration of time and this grows your bone structure. It certainly makes your bones stronger. Mostly the spine and femur are the first beneficiaries to Hatha yoga pose.

In a nutshell, Hatha yoga improves joint mobility and you able to work your joints to full range motion. Also it gives core strength which is technically the center of your body and consists hips, spine and abs. yoga is really crucial for body fitness.

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