5 Best Home Weather Stations in 2020

The demand of the home weather stations are on a rise during a winter season and often fades out in summer.  In the winter, climate change could surprise you with a mild temperature of the 30s in the morning and might suddenly drop to a single digit in the evening.  Thus, it is a good idea to have a decent remote temperature monitor mounted on your wall.  Speaking of the best home weather station, there is a number of popular brands in the market such as Acurite home weather station, Lacrosse home weather station, or Wittime remote temperature monitor.

This review largely focuses on 5 best home weather stations in the market.  Even though these products are available nationwide, our favorite place to buy is probably from the online marketplace like Amazon.  With the Amazon Prime program, you can receive the package faster and cheaper than any other online marketplaces.  Let take a quick look at these remote temperature monitors.

1. 308-146 Lacrosse Wireless Home Weather Station

The 308-146 Lacrosse home weather station features auto-setup atomic time and date. Typically, it takes a day to lock on to the atomic clock signal.  It is advisable to mount the device facing the window to quickly pick up the signal.  Although 303-416 positions itself as a remote temperature monitor, the clock feature has done well with 7 different time zones ranging from Atlantic time to Hawaiian time.

308-146 Lacrosse home weather station has 3 channels multiple sensor reading to synchronize with an additional remote temperature sensor (sold separately).  You can also charge the device via USB charging port with 1 Amp output.  However, the best part of the machine is a 12-hours weather forecast system based on changing barometer pressure.

The Barometer Unit

According to the user’s manual, you should set up a wireless outdoor sensor within 300 feet range from the indoor display unit.  However, we have found out that the effective transmitting range should not go beyond 100 feet.  Ideally, you can mount both the indoor unit and outdoor unit on the same wall, one inside your house and one outside.   The outdoor sensor should start flashing with red light after inserting lithium batteries into the house.  It means that your home weather station is transmitting and communicating with the indoor unit. 

Do not expect for the barometer to start working immediately after installing the sensor.  It probably takes a week or more for the hygrometer to catch up with accurate humidity data however, in some location, the synchronized time might drag on for 2-3 weeks.  The barometer is not quite impressive since we’ve got a trending arrow to point up, down, or stable.  Therefore, the data obtained from barometer’s cursor and a hygrometer need to be interpreted and it requires the basic barometer and hygrometer reading knowledge.

The Outdoor Sensor

The outdoor remote temperature sensor is somewhat sensitive to moisture and Lacrosse Technology does suggest that the unit be mounted facing north under a large overhang or in the shade.  Therefore, please make sure that the mounting area is not directly exposed to rain.  When the unit gets damp or drown by heavy rain, water might interfere with the accurate temperature reading or, in the worst case, the unit may cease to function.  If you live in rainy area, this product maybe not for you.  Try to look for another model with a more water-proof remote temperature sensor.  Additionally, we highly recommend lithium battery as a replacement to an alkaline battery.  According to our test under low temperature, lithium battery lasts much longer than an alkaline battery. 

The Indoor Display Unit

The indoor display unit has received mixed reviews.  Some complained that the display was very difficult to see unless you align your face parallel with the screen.  On the other hand, other users were satisfied with the attractive multi-color display with a variety of vivid colors.  In our case, we are very impressed with a clean and bright display especially when plugged in.  Data can be clearly viewed from the distance if you can maintain your position and your eye align with the screen at all time.  Unfortunately, the screen will eventually fade out when your face moves to another ankle.  Overall, the indoor display unit has featured a vivid color but may need a little work on viewing clarity.

Heat Index                              

A heat index is a reference number calculated from the correlation between air temperature and humidity.  To manually calculate heat index, you need a sophisticated mathematical formula and lots of variable such as ambient temperature and relative humidity.  Heat index obtained from 308-416 Lacrosse wireless weather station is relatively accurate and can be used as an indicator whether we should continue to stay or watch out for heat cramp and heat exhaustion.

Product Specification   

Indoor Display Unit

  • Indoor temperature range: +32°F to +122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Indoor humidity range: 1% to 99% RH

Outdoor Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor

  • Outdoor temperature range: -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
  • Outdoor humidity range: 1% to 99% RH
  • Transmission range: Up to 300 Feet

Power Consumption

  • Display: AC adapter included; Optional 3 “AA” Alkaline battery backup (not included)
  • Sensor: 2 “AA” Alkaline Batteries (not included)

Unit Dimension

  • Display: 5.9″ L x 2.36″ W x 5.90″ H
  • Sensor: 1.57″ L x 0.82″ W x 5.11″ H

Pros & Cons


  • Bright and colorful hi-resolution screen. 
  • The atomic clock is reliable and quickly pick up the signal.
  • An idiot-proof setup procedure.
  • Temperature and humidity display is reasonably accurate (with 1- 2degree aberration).


  • The outdoor sensor is sensitive to moisture and easily lose sync with the indoor unit if get damp by rain.
  • The display quickly fades out if look from different angles.
  • Data obtain from barometer and hygrometer needs to be interpreted.

2. Wittime 2078 Wireless Home Weather Station

Emerging from OEM remote temperature monitor supplier of German supermarket, Wittime took a great leap to quickly become a major home weather stations seller in the US market and the rest of Europe.  The Wittime 2078 Wireless Home Weather Station features crystal clear LCD screen, highly sensitive touch button for a smooth and easy operation.  Together with highly accurate sensors, Wittime 2078 Wireless Home Weather Station has 3 channels multiple sensor reading to synchronize with additional remote temperature sensors (Sold separately). The outdoor remoter temperature sensor unit only requires 1 channel to synchronize.

Indoor Display Unit

The Wittime 2078 Wireless Home Weather Station has claimed itself as one of the best LCD screens available in the market. It features an attractive multi-color display with vivid colors and the screen display is very informative. Unfortunately, the display is backlit when plugged in only and it quite difficult to read in dim light, especially when running on batteries. However, the screen’s brightness is highly enhanced when plugged in. Like other home weather stations, you may need half an hour to set up the unit and things might get complicated if you don’t have basic knowledge of barometer and hygrometer setup.  To do so, you have to input the current latitude for accurate barometric measurement and it takes a day or more for barometer and hygrometer to catch up with accurate humidity data.

The unit displays the following measurements: Air pressure, Dew point, Mold, Heat index, Moon phase, past 24h min/max temperature and humidity & trend.

Highly Sensitive Touch Button           

The Wittime 2078 does equip with highly sensitive touch button for smooth access. Few home weather stations come up with this feature.

Wireless Outdoor Sensor

The outdoor sensor unit must be mounted under the large overhang or under the shade and must be kept away from rain, snow, or direct sunlight.  You will need a small screwdriver to remove a battery cover before mounting an outdoor sensor unit. 2 batteries are required to operate.  Be sure that the outdoor remote temperature sensor unit is in a transmission range with the indoor display unit (Our recommendation is within 300 feet range). Once the setup is completed, the indoor display unit will quickly pick up the outdoor temperature and humidity data.  Additionally, the wireless outdoor sensor is certified with water resistance level IPX4.  It means that the unit can withstand splashing water, regardless of the direction.

The outdoor sensor unit must be mounted under the large overhang or under the shade and must be kept away from rain, snow, or direct sunlight.  You will need a small screwdriver to remove a battery cover before mounting an outdoor sensor unit. 2 batteries are required to operate.  Be sure that the outdoor remote temperature sensor unit is in a transmission range with the indoor display unit (Our recommendation is within 300 feet range). Once the setup is completed, the indoor display unit will quickly pick up the outdoor temperature and humidity data.  Additionally, the wireless outdoor sensor is certified with water resistance level IPX4.  It means that the unit can withstand splashing water, regardless of the direction.

Crystal Clear LCD Display

The color LCD display looks bright and colorful.  The screen brightness is adjustable when connected with an AC adapter and the screen will automatically go off after 10 seconds of idle time when running on batteries.  However, you need to maintain a certain distance from the display unit to clearly read the data.

Product Specification 

  • Indoor Display Unit Dimension: 5.06 x 6.3 x 0.9 inch
  • Outdoor Sensor Unit Dimension: 2.56 x 3.58 x 1.26 inch
  • Indoor temperature range: +14.2°F~+122°F (-9.9°C ~ +50°C)
  • Outdoor temperature range: -58°F~+158°F (-50°C~ +70°C)
  • Temperature accuracy: 0~40°C: +/-1°C
  • Indoor / Outdoor humidity range: 20~95%
  • Humidity accuracy: 30~60%: +/-5%
  • Sensor transmission range: 328ft in open area
  • Power adapter: [length]DC 3.6V 200mA (Output) (US version)

Pros & Cons


  • Highly sensitive touch button for a smooth control.
  • Easy setup procedure.
  • Certified with water resistance level IPX4.


  • The user manual is not very helpful.
  • Mounting outdoor remoter temperature sensor unit can sometimes be troublesome.

3. SMARTRO SC62 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Home Weather Station

The SMARTPRO SC62 wireless indoor outdoor thermometer home weather station is one of the most popular home weather stations in the market at this moment.  Upon being launched to the market, this remote temperature monitor quickly gains a lot of attention from buyers across the states.  Thanks to its relatively low price, compared to other home weather stations in the market, the sales of this unit has become skyrocketing.  SMARTPRO SC62 uses the collective data of air pressure of the last 12 hours to create the report of the weather forecast for another next 12 hours.  The unit features a large 5.9” LCD touchscreen display with backlight and hygrometer to display date, time, temperature, and humidity.  When the unit detects the change in barometric pressure from the current weather, it quickly displays weather forecast using 5 different icons.

3-Channel Indoor Outdoor Thermometer and Humidity Meter

The SMARTPRO SC62 features 3-channel indoor outdoor thermometer and humidity meter which is capable of connecting up to 3 separate remote temperature sensors (only one sensor included in the package) with a single unit.  It is ideal for monitoring multiple locations such as bedroom, kitchen, living room, or backyard.  The remote temperature sensor covers within 60m/200feet of transmission range in the open area, however, the range may become shorter if the sensor is placed inside the house.  Please note that the remote temperature sensor is sensitive to direct sunlight or water.  Therefore, it is advisable to avoid placing your remote temperature sensor in the area with high exposure to sunlight or rain.

Large 5.9” Backlit Touchscreen LCD Display       

The SMARTPRO SC62 remote temperature monitor equips with a large 5.9” backlit touchscreen LCD display which enables you to read the temperature and humidity data clearly even in a low-light condition, Thanks to a backlit touchscreen LCD display.  The backlight will automatically turn off after 10 seconds of idle time when running on batteries and it can be reactivated again by pressing a snooze button.  On the other hand, the unit’s backlight will be in the always-on mode if plugged in and it will fully light up when pressing a snooze button.

Colorful Icons for Weather Forecast and Moon Phase Display

The SMARTPRO SC62 indoor outdoor thermometer home weather station features vivid display icons for weather forecast and moon phase information.  The screen shows 5 different icons of weather forecast: sunny, slightly cloudy, cloudy, rainy and snowy depending on a climate condition and the data obtained from a barometer and hygrometer in the unit.  After being set up calendar and time zone, this home weather station unit will display 8 different icons of the moon phase in a cycle:  New moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, Waning Crescent, and New Moon.

Cool Functions

This wireless home weather station unit displays time (12H/24H), date, day of the week, temperature, and humidity.  The user can record a min/max value of certain temperature or humidity and turn temperature alert function on-off.  This unit also features dual alarm function which can be customized to fit a user’s lifestyle.

Product Specification

  • Indoor measurement range: 0 °C(32 °F)~ 50 °C(122 °F).
  • Outdoor measurement range: -22 °C(-7.6 °F)~ 52 °C(125.6 °F).
  • Outdoor/indoor humidity display range: 20% RH ~ 95% RH.
  • Display unit.
  • Remote sensor unit.
  • Power Supply: 2 x AA battery (batteries not included) and DC power adapter.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy set-up process and user-friendly.
  • Vividly animated icons for weather forecast and moon phase.
  • Digital clock with dual alarm and snooze capability.
  • Prompt customer service support.


  • Need to turn the backlight on to read data.
  • Need to be at the right ankle to clearly view the display.

4. AcuRite 02082M Home Weather Station

AcuRite is widely recognized as a manufacturer of high-quality remote temperature monitors.  Although its price is relatively higher than other brands in the market, home weather stations from AcuRite usually comes up with more features than any other wireless home weather stations.  AcuRite 02082M Home Temperature & humidity station has no exception.  The unit comes up with 3 separate remote temperature sensors (Model: 06002RM, all included) and one built-in sensor inside the display (Model:06036M) therefore you can monitor 4 different locations around your house from a bright, colorful display unit at the same time.  The unit display provides information of time (in 12H/24H format), date, day of the week, inside-outside temperature, humidity meter, and barometric pressure data.  AcuRite 02082 also features a customizable alarm to alert you if the current temperature or humidity is over or below a preset level.

Bright, Colorful, Auto Backlit Display

The display unit features a backlight capability with 3 different lighting brightness for your best viewing experience.  To set up your brightness preference, you can either do it manually or let an auto-dim mode do the work for you. The auto dim mode function can adjust the display’s brightness based on current data such as date, time, day of the week.

Easily Programmable Alarm to Alert You

The AcuRite 02082M wireless home weather station lets you program the alarm function.  The unit will alert you with visual and sound from the display unit if certain condition is met.  You may set a preset level to trigger the alarm. When current temperature or humidity exceeds your preset level, the alarm will go off.  This is the best tool for preventive action such as alerting you before the waterpipe gets frozen or monitoring your fish tank and alerting you when the temperature reaches a critical level.

4-Channel Sensors       

Unlike other wireless home weather stations, the AcuRite 02082M comes with 3 weather-resistant remote temperature sensors and one built-in display sensor.  It enables you to pick your 4 favorite locations to install remote temperature sensors.  You can also assign a name to your favorite 4 locations from 40 preset location names and monitor data for 4 different locations.  Taking advantage of weather-resistant remote temperature sensors, you can easily mount the remote temperature sensor in a highly sensitive area such as backyard which is high exposure to direct sunlight or rain.  The built-in sensor in the display unit allows you to keep monitoring the surround ambiance where the display is set up such as a bathroom or a kitchen.

Product Specification    

  • Indoor display dimension: 5.7 x 0.8 x 8 inches.
  • Display’s built-in temperature sensor range: 32 °F to 122 °F (0 °C to 50 °C).
  • Display’s built-in humidity sensor range: 1% to 99% RH.
  • Wireless range: 330 Ft or 100 m depending on home construction materials.
  • Operating frequency: 433 MHz
  • Power: Display – 5 Vdc power adapter or 3 AAA Alkaline batteries.

Pros & Cons  


  • Features 3 weather-resistant remote temperature sensors and one built-in display sensor.
  • The setup is easy.
  • Programmable alarm function alerts you when a certain condition is met. An ideal tool for protecting your valuable items.
  • A backlit display features 3 different brightness level.


  • No phone connectivity for alerts.
  • Unable to customize name label for each individual remote sensor.
  • No time stamp on any of low or high-temperature record.

5. Wireless Home Weather Station X-Sense Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

The X-Sense wireless home weather station has claimed to provide up to 500 ft of wireless range: the longest one in the market.  The unit features 3-channel communication ports for connecting up to 3 remote temperature sensors (one IPX5 remote temperature sensor included in the package).  To ensure high accuracy, the X-Sense wireless remote temperature monitor employs the latest technology from SENSIRION’s temperature and humidity sensor capable of measuring with the accuracy of ±0.4 °F for temperature and ±2% for humidity.  The remote temperature monitor unit also features a super-large 7.7 X 5.2” color backlit LCD screen with adjustable brightness levels (high, low, and off).  The display unit provides useful information such as temperature, humidity, date, time, day of the week, barometric pressure, moon phase, and weather forecast.  In addition, the remote temperature monitor unit also lets you program the alarm function to alert you if temperature or humidity reaches the preset level.  Unlike any other wireless home weather stations in the market, X-Sense issues a 12-month warranty and a lifetime customer support for every unit purchased to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

User-Friendly Programmable Alert Function      

Do you have valuable collections that need temperature or humidity monitoring?  Perhaps they may be expensive packs of cigars from Cuba or your beloved classic ovation guitar.  With a programmable alert function from X-Sense home weather station, it will inform you when the temperature or humidity in the ambiance exceed your preset level, protecting your valuable collections from mold and mildew growth.  High indoor humidity level also causes air pollutants that affect you and your family members.  It is advisable to monitor both temperature and humidity level in your household and a decent remote temperature monitor is a good choice to take on this job.

Waterproof Remote Temperature Sensor Unit        

The IPX5 waterproof remote temperature sensor works well in an ultra-low temperature or high humidity level.  It can easily withstand the extreme weather condition so you can mount the sensor in the area sensitive to direct sunlight, rain, or even snow.  The IPX5 rating has been certified that the unit can withstand a low-level water jet from any direction.

Auto Radio Controlled Clock

Even though the X-Sense home weather station lacks internet function or an atomic clock, you can still keep track of the precise time by manually setting it up with your local time.  Thanks to the precision time feature, you don’t have to worry about readjusting your clock again.  This remote temperature monitor can perform the daily update on time to ensure the precision to the second.

Product Specification

  • Transmission Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Transmission Range: up to 500 feet (152 m) in open area.
  • Indoor Temperature Range: 14 to 122 °F (-10 to 50 °C).
  • Outdoor Temperature Range: -40 to 158 °F (-40 to 70 °C).
  • Humidity Range: 0% to 99%.
  • Temperature Tolerance: ±0.4 °F (±0.2 °C).
  • Humidity Tolerance: ±2% at 20% to 80%; ±4% at 80% to 99%.

Pros & Cons


  • Ultra-long wireless range connecting up to 500 ft.
  • IPX5 certified remote temperature sensor to withstand extreme weather condition.
  • Equipped with the latest technology from SENSIRON.
  • User-friendly alert function.
  • 12-month warranty and life-time customer support.


  • No internet functions.
  • The display is hard to read if viewing from different angles.

The Bottom Line

The United States covers more than 9.8 million kilometers of land area starching from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast including Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii in the middle of Pacific Ocean.  A substantial climate change in a particular area is very common.  In winter, the temperature in Michigan might drop to 30s ℉ while the temperature in Florida is around 70s ℉.  It is a good idea to have a best home weather station to keep you informed of the current climate condition.  Although you are not a weather enthusiast, you may possess valuable collections such as packs of expensive Cuban cigar or a big wine cellar that need to be monitored for a certain temperature or humidity level.  A fine remote temperature sensor that keeps track on current temperature or humidity of the ambiance is considered a good option.

As mentioned earlier, this review put the main focus on 5 home weather stations selling below US$ 50.  Most remote temperature monitors come with an LCD display and one or more remote temperature sensors and they also share the same transmission frequency at 433 MHz.  These mid-end remote temperature monitors are capable of displaying information about temperature, humidity, dewpoint, calendar, time, barometric pressure, and weather forecast.  Unfortunately, none of these models provides an internet connection, therefore, the user is required to manually set up calendar and time.  Lacking Bluetooth feature, it is impossible to synchronize data with other smart devices such as a smartphone or a tablet.  However, Bluetooth and internet connection are available in the upper models with a higher price tag.  Most buyers concern about reliability, accuracy, and easy-to-use features when buying a wireless home weather station.  According to our research, few of them pass our testing criteria.  Some of these models are reported of having difficulties paring the unit with a remote temperature sensor while some suffer from weather forecast accuracy.  Thus, a solid warranty and a good customer support are needed to be concerned before pressing a “BUY” button.             

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