308-146 Lacrosse Wireless Home Weather Station Reviews

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The demand of the home weather station is on a rise during a winter season and often fades out in summer.  In the winter, climate change could surprise you with a mild temperature of 30s in the morning and might suddenly drop to a single digit in the evening.  Thus, it is a good idea to have a decent home weather station mounted on your wall.  Speaking of a home weather station, there are 2 most popular brands, Acurite home weather station and lacrosse home weather station to choose from.

This review largely focuses on Lacrosse home weather station with its popular model, 308-146 wireless atomic color weather station.  Even through, this product is available nationwide, our favorite channel to buy is probably from the online marketplace like Amazon.  With Amazon Prime program, you can receive the package faster and cheaper than any other online marketplaces.  Let take a quick look at the machine.

Product Features: A Home weather station

308-146 Lacrosse home weather station features auto-setup atomic time and date. Typically, it takes a day to lock on to the atomic clock signal.  It is advisable to mount the device facing the window to quickly pick up the signal.  Although 303-416 positions itself as a home weather station, the clock feature has done well with 7 time zones available ranging from Atlantic time to Hawaiian time.

308-146 Lacrosse home weather station has 3 multiple sensor reading channels to synchronize with additional sensors (sold separately).  You can also charge the device via USB charging port with 1 Amp output.  However, the best part of the machine is a 12-hours weather forecast system based on changing barometer pressure.

The Barometer Unit

According to a user’s manual, you should set up a wireless outdoor sensor within 300 feet range from the indoor display unit.  However, we have found out that the effective transmitting range should not go beyond 100 feet.  Ideally, you can mount both indoor unit and outdoor unit on the same wall, one inside your house and one outside.   The outdoor sensor should start flashing with red light after inserting lithium batteries into the house.  It means that your home weather station is transmitting and communicating with the indoor unit. 

Do not expect for the barometer to start working immediately after installing the sensor.  It probably takes a week or more for barometer to catch up with accurate humidity data however, in some location, the synchronized time might drag on for 2-3 weeks.  The barometer is not quite impressive since we’ve got a trending arrow to point up, down, or stable.  Therefore, the data obtained from barometer’s cursor needs to be interpreted and it requires the basic barometer reading knowledge.

The Outdoor Sensor

The outdoor sensor is somewhat sensitive to water and Lacrosse Technology does suggest that the unit be mounted facing north under a large overhang or in the shade.  Therefore, please make sure that the mounting area is not directly exposed to rain.  When the unit get damp or drown by heavy rain, water might interfere with the accurate temperature reading or, in the worst case, the unit may cease to function.  If you live in rainy area, this product may be not for you.  Try to look for another model with more water-proof sensor.  Additionally, we highly recommend lithium battery as a replacement to alkaline battery.  According to our test under low temperature, lithium battery lasts much longer than alkaline battery. 

The Indoor Display Unit

The indoor display unit has received mixed reviews.  Some complained that the display was very difficult to see unless you align your face parallel with the screen.  On the other hand, other users were satisfied with the attractive multi-color display with a variety of vivid colors.  In our case, we are very impress with a clean and bright display especially when plugged in.  Data can be clearly viewed from the distance if you can maintain your position and your eye aligne with the screen at all time.  Unfortunately, the screen will eventually fade out when your face moves to another ankle.  Overall, the indoor display unit has featured a colorful and vivid color but may need a little work on viewing clarity.

Heat Index                               

Heat index is a reference number calculated from the correlation between air temperature and humidity.  To manually calculate heat index, you need a sophisticated mathematical formula and lots of variable such as ambient temperature and relative humidity.  Heat index obtained from 308-416 Lacrosse wireless weather station is relatively accurate and can be used as an indicator whether we should continue to stay or watch out for heat cramp and heat exhaustion.

Product Specification (source: www.amazon.com)   

Indoor Display Unit

  • Indoor temperature range: +32°F to +122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Indoor humidity range: 1% to 99% RH

Outdoor Wireless Temperature/Humidity Sensor

  • Outdoor temperature range: -40°F to +140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
  • Outdoor humidity range: 1% to 99% RH
  • Transmission range: Up to 300 Feet

Power Consumption

  • Display: AC adapter included; Optional 3 “AA” Alkaline battery backup (not included)
  • Sensor: 2 “AA” Alkaline Batteries (not included)

Unit Dimension

  • Display: 5.9″ L x 2.36″ W x 5.90″ H
  • Sensor: 1.57″ L x 0.82″ W x 5.11″ H

Pros & Cons


  • Bright and colorful hi-resolution screen. 
  • The atomic clock is reliable and quickly pick up the signal.
  • Idiot-proof setup procedure.
  • Temperature and humidity are reasonably accurate (with 1- 2 degree aberration).


  • The outdoor sensor is sensitive to water and easily lose sync with indoor unit if get damp by rain.
  • The display quickly fades out if look from different angles.
  • Data obtain from barometer needs to be interpreted.


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