Muay Thai Training Gyms: The Ultimate Guide

With Mixed Martial Arts becoming increasingly popular nowadays, more and more people are switching to Martial arts to stay fit, for amazement and even as a source of income. This is one of the main reasons why Muay Thai is gaining popularity very fast. Also, known as Thai Boxing, Muay Thai is a combat sport that utilizes the body as an arsenal. It uses various parts of the body and techniques that are not in other combat sports such as elbows, feet, knees, and hands. What’s more, the training offers hundreds of invaluable benefits including, enhanced muscle tone, stress alleviation, and enhanced stamina! Astonishing isn’t?

Well if you are looking to start your Muay Thai Training, there is no excellent place to train than where it all started, Thailand. Here you will not only meet thousands of amateurs but also professionals MMA fighters. In addition, the country is awash with endless attractions, excursions, and sites for every taste. If that doesn’t win you then the relaxing atmosphere and the pristine white beaches will.

Here are top 7 must-visit Muay-Thai gyms in Thailand:

 1. Sor Vorapin Muay Thai Gym 

Sor Vorapin Muay Thai Gym


Although the backpacking area on Khao San Road harbors multiple Muay Thai gyms, Sor Vorapin is one of the best. It’s a hospitable place with some of the best Muay Thai training equipment in the world. The spirit of the gym is very authentic and finds favor with the entire backpacking crowd. It provides training for serious fighters and beginners, professional trainers as well as fitness fanatics.

Sor Vorapin Muay Thai Gym has 2 branches in Bangkok area.

1. Sor Vorapin Gym 1

Located at 13 TrokKasab, Jakapong Rd., Bangkok

The first is located in a bustling backpacker’s Mecca of Khoa San road.  This gym offers 90-minute session classes from beginner to advance.  A private class is also available upon request.

Training fee:
1 Time7 Times15 Times30 Times
500 Baht (US$ 15)2,500 Baht (US$ 76)4,700 Baht (US$ 143)9,000 Baht (US$ 273)
2. Sor Vorapin Gym 2: Muay Thai hotel and training

Located at: 37/15 SoiSuanpak 1Rd, Moo. 10. Talingchun Bangkok 10170 Thailand

This gym offers more spacious accommodation for long-term training.  It is located just across the Chopraya River in Thonburi district and takes only 20 minutes by taxi from the first branch in Khao San road.

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 2. Kru Dam Muay Thai School 

Kru Dam Muay Thai Gym


Founded by Dam Srichan, a former world-class Thai boxer, Kru Dam Muay Thai School offers a wide array of training options ranging from health and fitness training to martial rats training. This caters for beginners as well as serious fighters. The trainers there are very active and pay close attention to all the customers. Essentially, this means that all your needs will be taken care of well. The number of trainees is limited to 20 and 3 trainers per session.

You can enroll in training courses in one of the following locations across the country: Sukhumvit, Sanampao, Ratburana, Vacharapol, Rama2 – all in Bangkok.  Kru Dam Muay Thai School also opens in Rayong and Surin province.

Training Fee

The school offers regular and private courses for children and adults.

1 Class (Adult)10 Classes20 Classes
550 Baht (US$ 17)4,900 Baht (US$ 148)8,900 Baht (US$ 270)

***Except for Sukhumvit branch

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3. Ratchadamnern Singha Muay Thai Academy

Ratchadamnern Singha Muay Thai Academy


Located on the luxurious Thonglor area of Sukhumvit road, Ratchadamnern Singha Muay Thai Academy is a relatively new training center with hints of luxury and modern training facilities. It attracts celebrities and affluent Thais who are interested in Muay Thai. Training is available for both adults and children (male and female). Instructors come from fitness and fighting backgrounds and you will find people of different experience levels and ages with a great balance between foreign and Thai trainees.

The academy offers 5 different training level. The trainee will be awarded the certificate of completion from Ratchadamnern stadium

Pricing plans (90 minutes per session)
1 Session (Adult)10 Sessions20 Sessions
550 Baht (US$ 17)4,950 Baht (US$ 150)9,350 Baht (US$ 284)


Unlimited Training Pricing Plan

Weekly1 month3 months6 months
1,900 Baht(US$ 58)5,400 Baht(US$ 164)10,800 Baht(US$ 328)14,994 Baht(US$455)

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4. JaroenThong Professional Boxing School

Source: Jaroenthong Gym Facebook Fanpage

Founded by Jaroenthong Kietbanchong, a famous professional boxer.  It offers both intense training for serious fighters and workouts for fitness enthusiasts. All the courses are one on one with experienced instructors. It teaches Muay Boran (Ancient Thai boxing) and Muay Thai.

The training curriculum is carefully designed to train sports enthusiasts as well as serious fighters.  The courses are available in a group session and private training class.

Training Fee

A basic course has 15 sessions, 30 hours of training

Fee: 6,000 (US$ 182) Baht/person/course

A private course is 1,000  Baht (US$ 30) per session or 10 sessions for 8,500 Baht  (US$ 258)

The school open Monday through Sunday – 10.00AM-12.00PM and 2:00PM-9: 00 PM.

The school locates at 581 Ramkhamhang 39, Pracha Uthit Road, Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310

Telephone: +662-539-3867, +6682-658-6097

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5. Banchamek Muay Thai Gym


Home to one of Thailand’s most famous fighters, Buakaw ( K1 fighter and former world champion) Banchamek is one of the best places to train in MMA. The gym is popular among high-level athletes and as such it attracts students who want intense Muay Thai training to prepare for matches. Benchamek also has a training camp in Chiang Mai province, which offers a more customized setting for training.

Besides Muay Thai, Banchamek Muay Thai Gym also offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which is one of the great mixed martial arts (MMA).  The gym aims to provide a full training to serious fighters for national and world competition as well as enthusiasts who are interested in MMA.

Training Fee

Muay Thai Training: 400 Baht (US$ 13) per session for Thais

600 Baht (US$ 18) per session for foreigners

One on one Muay Thai Training: 800 Baht (US$ 18) per session for Thais

1,200 Baht (US$ 37) per session for foreigners

The gym offers 15 and 30 sessions training package.

Location:  BANCHAMEK GYM 22 Phokaew 3 Yek 19 Nawamin Road, Klongchan, Bankapi Bangkok, Thailand

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6. Khongsittha Muay Thai Gym

Khongsittha Muay Thai Gym


What makes this gym stand out from the rest is that they offer all-inclusive packages which make it conducive even for tourists visiting for the first time to train. Also, they offer Muay Thai training and weight loss designed for different type of people. The camps usually take between 2- 4 weeks and are designed specifically for tourists who want to train in a comfortable and secure environment with their housing, food and everything else take care of.

The gym has partnered with Kiatthada House & Resort to provide 5-star accommodation for fighters and spot enthusiasts and the accommodation locates right behind the gym.  The gym locates in a lively residential area of Ladphrao surrounding with fine restaurants and shopping malls

(Closed on Mondays)Time
Morning Training:8:30 – 10:00
Afternoon Training:16:15 – 17:45


Training Fee
1 Session10 Sessions20 Sessions
450 Baht (US$ 14)4,000 Baht (US$ 122)6,000 Baht (US$ 182)


Location: 23 Sukhonthasawat Road

Ladphrao, Bangkok 10230 Thailand


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7. Ban Chang Thai boxing school 


Ban Chang Thai Boxing school is known for hosting the best Thai trainers and fighters of the classic boxing style called Muay Chaiya. Ban Chang Thai boxing school, the Modern traveler’s best gym, takes pride in being able to offer a clean and well-equipped gym with the best Muay Chaiya trainers in Thailand. The sessions are designed for serious fighters and workout enthusiasts.

Ban Chang Thai boxing school retains the original techniques of Muay Chaiya which is dated back to Ayutthaya period.  The school offers 3 levels of training starting from beginner, intermediate, and advance.  For an individual who wants to become a fighter must pass a rigorous selection process and the training will be completely different from the curriculum taught to those sports enthusiasts.  Only serious fighters are allowed to participate in this program.

Training Fee       

10 lessons cost you 6,000 Baht (US$ 182). For group training, each participant must pay 5,000 Baht (US$ 152) per 10 lessons.  Each session lasts for 90 minutes.  Students may arrange the training session with the school at their own convenience.

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Bottom Line 

Ultimately the best place for you to train Muay Thai in Thailand depends on your personal taste and preferences. Be as it may, serious Muay Thai training requires your mental, physical and emotional will. Regardless, you won’t miss a place that suits your needs with these 7 gyms In Thailand. What’ more, the natives are happy, kind and always willing to help. It is a nation that welcomes tourism but does not bother tourists. The diverse culture of the natives plus their friendliness will make you feel at home every time.




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