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Nintendo new console: Nintendo Switch

The new game “console” from the company that brought you the Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, and tons of home entertainments has been out on the market.  Of course, we are talking about the Nintendo new console called “Nintendo Switch”.  After having been tested this product for a while, I finally came up with the candid review for your reference.

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  • Nintendo Switch is intentionally designed as a Nintendo new console system but can also be used as a portable device. Therefore, I decided to carry it around while working in the office.  I have found out that the body is too big to fit into both of my palms and sometimes my fingers mistakenly hit another button during playing the game, a little bit awkward for a typical guy like me.  Well, it may take a time to get used to it.
  • On the other hand, it works well with my female colleague. She said its size is just right for her and the body easily fit into her palms.  The hand grip button is not cluttered.  The woman’s hands are probably smaller than those of man.
  • Nintendo new console also comes up with controller grip if you don’t want to hold onto the game machine during playing.  Simply connect your controller with control grip and place the switch on the table and here we go.  However, few players carry both the switch and other accessories at the same time.  If you want a portable machine, you just need to carry only a device with you, no other accessories.
  • Since the Nintendo new console has just come out to market, you will only have few game titles to play. I have only 1 game at this moment and yes, it is the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild.  This game is awesome and worth every dollar.  The 6.2-inch screen doesn’t make me exhausted and I can enjoy playing the game without taking a break every hour.
  • When trying to connect it to the LCD screen, the gameplay is getting more fun due to a larger screen. I personally think that this Nintendo new console is designed with the idea of console game system in mind and yet can be played as a portable game device.
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With 2 separated joycons, you can play Nintendo new console connecting to any LCD TV.


  • One of the outstanding features of Nintendo new console is that it fully supports multiplayer. You can invite friends to play a game without having to carry a big LCD TV with you or buying two sets of the game machine (the way you did with Nintendo 3DS). The Switch has 2 Joycons and you can share them with your friends.  I did try this feature with the game ‘1-2 Switch’ which is the collection of mini-games like Wii Sport on Nintendo Wii.  My top pick is the Table Tennis game.  After having played this game for a while, I can catch the beat of how I should hit the ball.  It feels like we are playing a real table tennis game without the ball at all.  The responsiveness of Joycon is very impressive.
  • Some games require a bigger TV screen to fully enjoy the game such as Bomber Man. We connected the Nintendo Switch to the big LCD screen to use 4-players mode (The maximum players for this game are 8 persons).  The frame rate and resolution on the screen are up to the standard.  On the top of that, it’s very fun.  Like other Nintendo’s multi-players game, you don’t need to learn much about controlling the game.  Just place the bomb, collect items, and try to be the last one to survive.  From my point of view, Nintendo new console has proved itself to be a home entertainment for everyone.

Final Judgement of Nintendo new console

  • Nintendo Switch has been launched into the market couple months ago. Only a few titles are available at this moment and most of them are very addictive, especially, 1-2 Switch. This game is the best game for multiplayer mode (imagine that you are playing Mario Party or Wii sport with your friends anywhere in the world). There are more titles in the pipeline such as Mario Odyssey which Nintendo claims it to be an all-new experience of an adventure game.
  • Nintendo new console is good to be played as a portable game machine and can be carried without hassle due to its lightweight. However, you may need to put it in the bag because it may be too big to fit into your pant.
  • High-resolution display screen worth every dollar you pay while the loudspeaker is doing a good job as well.
  • Comparing to PS Vita in term of materials, it seems that Nintendo is using the “lower industrial grade materials” to build this machine. I personally think that the suggested retail price is somewhat expensive. Some people may ask to compare it with another game console like PS4. Well, I think that the materials used in PS4 are actually the same grade as those of Switch.
  • There are several reports from many players about the docking station of Nintendo new console. Some players may accidentally make a scratch on the display screen while pulling it from the docking station.  It has an unconfirmed news that Nintendo is already aware of this problem and calling some of them back to fix.
  • I have found that the joycon strap is a bit troublesome. It is very hard to pull it off and it also takes a considerable amount of time to deal with this problem.  Therefore I decided to leave the strap and hope that Nintendo may fix this problem on the next line-up.
  • A credit card can be used to purchase games from Nintendo store.


Is it worth buying now?

  • In conclusion, Nintendo new console is a game console for everyone and should be added into one of your collection. Anyway, you should wait a little longer before buying it because there are some flaws in the machine and Nintendo need to fix it first.  Therefore, it is a good idea to wait for a second or third batch to be launched.  End of year sales would be a good timing to buy it since lots of killing titles would be released during this season.
  • The suggested retail price is somewhat expensive at this moment and I think that we should wait for the discount from Nintendo.
  • Here is my candid review of Nintendo’s new console. However, the decision whether to buy it now or wait a little longer is really up to you.

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