Tekken 7 Fated Retribution – Review, Combo tips, New Characters Info


Tekken 7 Fated Retribution – Review, Combo tips, New Characters Info

Have you ever had a hard time trying to execute deadly combos to knock down the opponent in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution? Or you are just a new player and almost have no experience on how to survive in the VS match against your friends.  In fact, Tekken 7 Fated Retribution has been released as the arcade game since 2015 and Bandai-Namco has finally brought it to console and PC in 2017.  Those who familiar with the fighting game genre may enjoy the game right from the start but newcomers usually get bogged down by the complexity of the game.  This article is written to provide useful tips on gameplay to all rookies of this magnificent 3-D fighting game.

Tekken 7: A Brief Review


Tekken 7 Fated Retribution was developed on the Unreal Engine 4 platform which renders stunning graphics, a smooth frame rate, and the eye-popping cutscenes.  On the top of that, those mentioned-above elements have seamlessly merged with addictive gameplay that eventually locks the player in front of the screen.

Unlike most predecessors of the series, Tekken 7 Fated Retribution seems to shift its focus on the wrath of Mishima family bloodline – a.k.a the final battle between Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima.  In this story mode, you are unable to choose the character to play, instead, the game will let you take control of various characters depending on the storyline which is divided into chapters.  Although the story is quite predictable, the Tekken’s fans can still enjoy beautiful CG-rendered graphics and a well-designed gameplay.  The new character “Akuma” from Street Fighter series has his first cameo appearance in this game and his storyline is also blended perfectly with the main plot.

Fighting scene

Unfortunately, the background story of other characters outside the Mishima clan is subsided.  However, with more than 30 characters to choose from, it has really added the replay value to the game, especially in online mode.

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution retains its selling point as a superb 3-D fighting game featuring a chain of combos which can easily turntable in just a blink of the eye.  The mechanic of the game remains unchanged from its predecessors but Bandai-Namco has decided to rebalance the gameplay.  The player may find it much more difficult to use some “cheap” characters to beat the opponent than ever before.

The gameplay also features the new system called Rage Art which is the power move with crushing ability and can only be performed when the character has a rage.  Normally, the rage will be activated when the HP is down to 25%, then the character will glow red.  On the other hand, the Rage Drive will be triggered when characters’ HP has dropped to some certain level and the character will glow blue.  Furthermore, each character can also perform the power crush which can absorb enemy’s attack while continue damaging the opponent.  Overall, Tekken 7 Fated Retribution gameplay still maintains a standard as the top 3-D fighting game.


The player has options to play either offline mode or online mode.  In a traditional offline mode, the game has offered arcade mode, VS mode, story mode, and a new treasure mode which the player earns the item from treasure box after beating the opponent.  The game also allows the player to customize character’s outfit and other accessories by using the fight money to unlock.  The fight money can be obtained as a reward for knocking down the enemy.

In the online mode, 8 players can join the tournament at once and the winner will be rewarded a lot of fight money.  The game also features the Rank Match system which automatically starts a searching session to find the opponent that matches your fighting skill.  With this system, even a newbie can compete for the match without handicap.

Master Your Character’s Control and Combo

Fighting scene 3

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution is arguably the most successful 3-D fighting game to date.  Unlike a traditional 2-D fighting game, the player may utilize the 3-D environment to dodge the attack from enemies and deliver a variety of moves to counter them.  Some players are led to believe that executing a deadly chain of combos is the ticket to win the game.  Well, it is only a half-truth. First of all, you have to hit the enemy.  Today we will talk about how to successfully pull off a series of moves and a chain of combos against the enemy.

The basic principle of fighting game has relied on 3 fundamental moves; attack, defend, and punish/counter.  In a fighting game, there is an interval time period when the enemy is executing his move and this interval is called “frame”.  The frame can be classified into 4 types.

1. Hit Frame

Hit frame is the time interval starting from executing the move until hitting the enemy.  We count this interval in a number of frames (60 frames per second).  The less the number of frames uses, the faster the move will hit the enemy.

2. Block Adv Frame

The block adv frame is also counted as a numerical method as the hit frame.  The counting frame will start from player’s move hit the guarded enemy to the position which the player can start executing another move.  Of course, less number of block adv frames means less likely to be countered by the enemy.

3. Hit Adv Frame

It is similar to block adv frame in term of frame counting but the enemy didn’t guard your attack this time.Counter Hit Adv Frame

4. Counter Hit Adv Frame

It is also similar to block adv frame.  In this case, we start counting from character’s counter-attack until it hits the unguarded enemy.

For example, we start the move with -13 block adv frame but the enemy may counter our attack if his move has 13 or lower hit frame.  Most of the combo attack usually starts with 2 digits block adv frame and is likely to be countered by the enemy if he successfully blocks our attack.  One wrong move and you will be a history.  For more information, please visit http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com


Let me show you a frame data of the character “LARS”



Input: Move

Speed: Hit frame

Block: Block Adv Frame

Hit: Hit Adv Frame

CH: Counter Hit Adv Frame

KND: Knock Down

For example, Lars starts attacking with move#1 to Asuka who is blocking successfully and then both characters execute the move#1 to each other at the same time (Asuka also has 10 hit frames for her move#1).  Who will be hit first?

The answer is Asuka.  Since Lars has started the move#1 with block adv frame +1 (because Asuka just blocked his previous attack), then his move will have 11 frames while Asuka move has only 10 frames.

Another example, Lars has started attacking with move#3 (Speed 15 Block-12 Hit+5 CH+5) to Asuka who is blocking the attack and she will later start move#1 to Lars.  Will Lars be hit by Asuka’s move?

The answer is yes. Lars’ move#3 has -12 block adv frame while Asuka’s move has 10 hit frames.  If Lars is in the close proximity, he will be counterattacked by Asuka’s move#1.  In Tekken, we call it “Punish” and it can easily turntable with only 1 punish combo.

Please bear in mind that the fastest move in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution has 9 frames.  If the player uses the move with -8 or less block adv frame, the enemy cannot counter with punishing move.  Unfortunately, the deadly combo usually starts with -15 block adv move and make it highly susceptible to be countered by punishing move.  Hence, think carefully before pulling off your favorite combo.

Leaning about move associating with frame rate is one of the most important aspects of playing Tekken 7 Fated Retribution.  However, the player also needs to master a variety of moves, a chain of combos, poking technique, and fighting style of each character as well.

Introducing 10 New Characters

1. Kasumi Mishima


Kasumi Mishima is Heihachi’s wife and Kazuya’s mother.  She is the key factor to the conflict of Mishima family bloodline.  In fact, Kasumi and Heihachi were childhood friend back in the Karate school.  Eventually, they fell in love with each other and finally got married.  Later Kasumi gave birth to a baby boy named Kazuya.  They were making a perfect couple.  Unfortunately, the peace didn’t last long when Heihachi took over a great Mishima Zaibatsu and decided to dominate the world.

Kasumi revealed her true intention that she wanted to destroy Mishima clan. She transformed herself into a devil form to fight her husband.  Heihachi had no choice but to finish off his wife with his own hand.  Being afraid of the demon’s power, Heihachi decided to toss Kazuya into the abyss of the volcano and the tragedy of the Mishima clan has begun since then.

2. Akuma


The famous character from Street Fighter series.  Akuma was in a great debt with Kasumi because she did save his life once.  Akuma has promised Kasumi to defeat her husband in a fair fight.  Therefore, he has waited until Heihachi regained all of the strength before challenging Heihachi.

3. Claudio Serafino


Claudio Serafino is a member of the Sirius Marksmen, the group of exorcist whose goal is to eradicate demons from the world.  The Mishima Zaibatsu and Nina Williams have approached him for a collaboration but Claudio refused to join.  After losing the battle to Heihachi, he finally joined forces with Mishima Zaibatsu because they share a common goal which is to eliminate the devil’s root inside Kazuya Mishima.

4. Gigas


Gigas is the adoptive father of Katarina Alves whom he took under his wing since her parent died a long time ago.  He was abducted by G-corporation and was experimented to become a biological weapon.

5. Katarina Alves


Katarina Alves has joined a Tekken tournament in searching for her lost adoptive father.  She has finally confronted Gigas whom she didn’t know that he is the one she is looking for.

6. Jack-7


Jack-7 is the latest killing machine developed by a group of scientists from G-corporation.  It was sent to compete in Tekken 7 tournament to test its ability against Gigas who is also developed by another group of scientists from G-corporation as well.

7. Josie Rizal


Josie Rizal is a young girl from a poor Filipino family.  She is working as a model on a catwalk and a professional kickboxer on the ring.  She has encountered a big hairy creature named Kuma while she is training in the mountainside.

8. Lucky Chole


She has signed a contract with G-corporation to work as a singer and a dancer.  Lucky Chole has become a public image of G-corporation.

9. Shaheen


Shaheen is working with a private military company and he is an expert in one-on-one combat.  He has joined the Tekken tournament in searching for the clue behind his friend’s death.  All pieces of evidence lead to G-corporation and the man named Kazuya Mishima.

10. Master Raven


Master Raven is a high-rank agent of the United Nation secret service.  She has infiltrated the Tekken tournament to monitor the war between Mishima Zaibatsu and G-corporation. Finally, she successfully retrieved all information and reported the truth back to UN.       

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