The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Gameplay)


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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Gameplay)

Genre:  Open-World Action RPG

Developer: Nintendo

System: Wii U/Nintendo Switch

Release date: March 2017

Official website:

Nintendo has finally released its new Legend of Zelda to the market.  The latest Zelda game is called The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (A.K.A LOZ Breath of the wild). This title was first developed in 2013 and was announced to the public in 2015.  Finally, it was launched in March 2017 along with Nintendo’s new game console: The Nintendo Switch.  This game is also available on Nintendo Wii U.


The Story  of LOZ Breath of the wild

The story of LOZ Breath of the Wild takes place in the Hyrule Kingdom.  The ruler of the Hyrule Kingdom is princess Zelda who is the reincarnation of the golden goddess “Hylia” and possess the ultimate power of the golden triangle called Triforce.  The Triforce consists of 3 distinct entities: Power, Wisdom, and Courage.

The main antagonist of the story is the evil spirit who takes the form of Calamity Ganon.  The player takes the role of Link, a young knight who has sworn to protect Princess Zelda at all cost.

In LOZ Breath of the Wild, Link has awakened from his century-long sleep and found out that he has completely lost his memory. To regain his strength and memory, Link must journey to the massive world of Hyrule, defeat the calamity Ganon, and rescue the princess.


Gameplay of LOZ Breath of the wild

Unlike other Zelda’s series, LOZ Breath of the Wild gameplay is destined to be the open-world game.  It means that you are free to do anything right from the beginning of the game.  Instead of finding the way to rescue the princess, you may start by exploring and solving the puzzle in the shine to obtain the spirit orbs.  This special item is crucial to either earn you the new heart or increase the stamina bar.  There are more than 100 shines scattering around the Hyrule Kingdom.

The mini puzzle in the shine is complex and you really need more guts to solve it.  Unfortunately, you get almost no hint from the game to resolve the puzzle.  You need to do it by trial and error approach.  Some puzzles require a particular item while the others need you to skillfully control the motion capture system of Joycon to solve them.

The weapon and shield system has completely been revamped to be more challenged.  Most of weapons and shields can be damaged and breakdown.  This latest Zelda gameplay limits the number of items to be carried.  Thus, you have to plan ahead if you want to stay alive in your long journey.  LOZ Breath of the wild gameplay is by far the toughest the legend of Zelda game to date.  Even the enemy in the field map can instantly kill you with a few blows.  Some fans even call this latest Zelda game “the Nintendo’s answer to Dark Soul”.

The world of Hyrule Kingdom is deliberately designed in several aspects.  You may be struck by lightning bolts if you are carrying metallic weapons while walking on the field map during the thunderstorms.  On the other hand, you will need a cold resistant gear or consume a particular food recipe to warm your body if you want to explore the below-zero area otherwise you will be frozen to death.

In the LOZ breath of the wild gameplay, you are no longer rewarded with hearts to replenish your health after defeating the enemy.  Instead, the crafting system on cooking is introduced in the game.  This system has offered you a lot of opportunities to use different ingredients in cooking to craft different recipes.  Some raw foods may help you replenish small percentage of health while some meals may temporarily boost your stats or stamina.  Constructing the experiment on food crafting is very crucial for your survival in the game.


A Mini Walkthrough Gameplay

You start the game in the area called the Great Plateau. Your next mission is to search for 4 shines to unlock your basic abilities to help you advance the game.

1. The remote bomb – use to throw at the enemy or lay down on the ground to blast the wall to reveal a hidden passage.

2. Cryonis powers – use to freeze the river to cross to the new area or use to move a heavy door.

3. Magnesis power — use to lift a heavy, metallic object.

4. Stasis power – use to freeze the movement of certain object or enemy.

Once you have gathered all 4 abilities, you will earn a Paraglider to glide down to the huge landscape below.  This useful tool can enable you to go to the area beyond the reach by foot or horse ride.

The World Map

The world map

The mysterious landscape of Hyrule kingdom is vast and full of complex hidden puzzles.   Every zone has a collection of shrines and Korok seeds (the item used to upgrade the item bag) spreading all over the area.  To access the new zone area, you have to clear the tower of each zone.  This latest Zelda game has no linear storyline so you are free to go wherever you want.  Below is the highlight of each area.

  • Dueling Peaks Region (East)

Look for a stable in this area. You can catch your horse here by winning a horseback ride.  The Kakariko village is not far away and it is the home of Impa Tribe.  The tribe leader will guide you on your journey.

  • Hateno Region (East)

Talk to NPC name “Purah” at the ancient tech lab in Hateno Village to obtain the camera rune which enables you to take photos.  To do so, you have to use your torch to light the blue flame on the furnace to activate the Sheikah tech.  You can also use ancient parts obtaining from defeated guardians to upgrade your rune power.  In addition, you may encounter Naydra, the ice dragon, on the top of Mount Lanaryu.  To defeat it, shoot the demon eye with your arrow.  Then shoot again at the body and it will drop the dragon scale. Place the dragon scale in the front of the statue to open the spring of wisdom shine to nap the frost spear.

  • Lanayru Region (East)

At Zora’s domain, talk to King Zora and head to mount Shatter back point to collect at least 20 shock arrows necessary to fight the boss.

Fight and defeat the boss inside the divine beast Vah Ruta to earn Mipha’s grace from Mipha.  This item will resurrect you from your death and replenish all of your heart.

  • Tabantha Region (West)

Head to the flight range and join forces with Teba warriors.  Fight and defeat the boss inside the divine beast Vah Medoh and talk to the Rito village elder to receive Ravali’s champion bow – capable of firing up to 3 shots at once.

  • Wasteland Region (Southwest)

Talk to the Garudo village chief Riju and agree to retrieve the thunder helm from Yingga clan.  With the thunder helm, you will be vulnerable to the lightning strike from the divine beast Vah Naboris.  Fight and defeat the boss inside the divine beast and you will be rewarded the Day breaker shield and Scimitar of the Seven.

  • Eldin Region (Northeast)

Speaking with the Goron city’s boss and then find the guy name Yunobo who is working in the north mine.  Use the cannon to blow the cave and rescue Yunobo.  With Yunobo’s help, you can finally access to the Death Mountain to fight and defeat the boss inside the divine beast Vah Rudania.  After defeating the boss, go back and talk to the Goron city’s boss again to receive the boulder breaker—the legendary weapon belongs to Daruk, the Goron champion.  You may also encounter Dinraal, the fire dragon, at the giant skeleton on the top of Eldin Mountain (in the morning only).  Defeat it by shooting with your arrow and it will eventually drop the dragon scale. Use the scale to open the spring of power shine to obtain flame spear.

  • Akkala Region (Northeast)

You need to light the blue flame on the furnace as requested by the scientist of Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.  Once you complete the mission, the scientist will sell and upgrade your gear.  The spring of Power shine is on the west side of East Akkala stable.

  • Woodland Region (North)

To obtain the Master Sword in the Korok forest, you have to pass through the lost wood.  You also need to have at least 13 heart containers to be able to pull the sword from the pedestal.

  • Garudo Region (West)

It is the home of Yingga clan hideout and the Hyrule kingdom’s coldest area.  You need to have the cold resistant outfit or eat a special dish to protect you from being frozen to death.

  • Hebra Region (Northwest)

There is a Pondo’s lodge where you can play a bowing mini game to get a quick Rupee.  The forgotten temple where you can claim the ultimate Tunic of the wild, the original green outfit, after completing all 120 shines in the game.

  • Ridgeland Region (West)

The glassy landscape where you can catch the speedy white horse.  You can accelerate a horse speed up to 5 times.

  • Lake Region (South)

You can encounter Farosh, the lightning dragon, in the north of Lake Hylia at noon.  Like other 2 dragons, shoot it with your arrow until you get the dragon scale.  Use the scale in front of the spring of courage shine to claim the thunder spear.  Additionally, there are a lot of Korok seed spots scattering around this area.

  • Foron Region (South)

The main location of the spring of courage shine north of Dracozu lake.

  • Hyrule Castle (Center)

The Hyrule castle is the last dungeon where you can fight the final boss,  Calamity Ganon, and rescue Princess Zelda.  Make sure that you have equipped with a high-level shield like Hylian Shield which can block the eye beam attack from guardians lurking inside the castle.  On the first round, the final boss will use the barrier to block all of the attacks. You have to counter its attack or use your sword to bounce its beam back.  For the second round, try to aim at the center of magic circles and deliver the last shot at its forehead.  You will bring down the demon lord in no time.

Tips and tricks to win LOZ Breath of the wild

pix of loz breath of the wild


The crafting system on cooking: this system is first introduced in LOZ Breath of the wild.  You must collect cooking ingredients obtained from hunting, picking up plants on the field map.  Simply choose bag icon from the main menu, then select the hold command.  The maximum 5 ingredients can be selected at once and then toss them down on the fire pan.  The cooking recipes yield different effects depending on types of raw materials.  Some may refill your heart containers while some give you an extra boost on your stats.


The Elixir: This item can substantially boost your stats, upgrade the stamina or increase your speed.  To craft this item, you need to cook insects/frogs with body part dropped from monsters.


Shield tips: To deal with guardians with eye beam attack, you need to use the shield to block its attack by pressing ZL button.  Wait until the enemy starts attacking and then press A button to counter.  The shield is also used to slide down the slope by pressing X and then ZL+A.


The Master Sword: it is one of the best weapons available in the game and more importantly, it is unbreakable.  To obtain this weapon, you have to pass through the lost wood in Woodland region.


Great Fairies Fountains: the fountain is the home of great fairies.  These great fairies can use their power to upgrade your gears and if you carry a little fairy with you, it will eventually resurrect you from your death and refill all heart containers.

Quick Rupee Farming: Head to the Hebra region to find a Pondo’s lodge where you can try a bowing game here.  Win the game to earn 300 rupees and you can repeat the game as long as you want.


3 Dragons: these mysterious creatures in the sky can be encountered in some regions with a certain condition.  Use your arrow to shoot them down by aiming at their body, feet, and knee.  They will drop a dragon scale which is the key to open the secret shine gate.  The other parts can be used to upgrade your combat gears.            

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