10 Habits to Become a Trim Healthy Pregnant Mama


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10 Habits to Become a Trim Healthy Pregnant Mama

The pregnancy period is very delicate and requires a lot of precautions.  The pregnant woman has to take care of herself and the unborn baby by leading a healthy lifestyle.  Other than the basic tips-refraining from alcoholic drinks, caffeine, and getting enough rest.  There are habits that guarantee to be a trim healthy pregnant mama.  This article provides a detailed analysis of 10 habits to become a trim healthy pregnant mama.

1. Choose the right pregnancy diet

Your pregnancy diet must include all the nutrients necessary for proper development of the baby and a trim healthy pregnant mama.  The diet should include vegetables, grains, fruits, foods rich in protein, calcium among others.  Below is a more detailed look at some of these foods.

Protein-rich foods

Protein plays an essential role in the development of the umbilical cord and the placenta.  Eating foods such as beef, fish (shellfish, shrimp), beans, pork, and yogurt provides a trim healthy pregnant mama with the needed protein.

Calcium-rich foods

Calcium contributes to strong bones and teeth both in a pregnant woman and the baby. Foods such as cheese, low-fat milk and fortified cereals and bone soup are rich sources of calcium.


Fruits such as oranges, tangerine, and grapefruit contain vitamin C. Vitamin C, an antioxidant, boosts the immune system and provides the body with iron.

2. Choose organic foods

By eating organic foods, a trim healthy pregnant mama reduces an exposure to harmful substances such as artificial hormones, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms. In turn, an unborn baby’s exposure is minimized as well.

3. Eat only enough


Some women tend to overeat during pregnancy.  If you eat with the “eating for two” mentality, you will overfeed and gain unwanted weight which could lead to health problems.  In your 1st trimester, you need not consume extra calories.  In the 2nd and the 3rd trimesters, you only require about 300 more calories every day.

4. Engage in exercise

Exercise is fundamental for healthy pregnant mothers.  It helps you to be a trim healthy pregnant mama, curb unhealthy weight gain, improves your mood, enhances circulation and guarantees quality sleep.  Doing exercises such as walking, swimming, and yoga for about half an hour every day will ensure a rather smooth pregnancy.  Prior to embarking on your exercise program, consult your healthcare giver for advice.

5. Get quality sleep

Quality and adequate sleep make you a trim healthy pregnant mama. Quality sleep facilitates proper functioning of your body as well as the healthy development of the baby. If you do not get adequate sleep, chances are that you will experience continuous fatigue, low morale, increased stress levels and poor health.  In general, lack of quality sleep translates to a difficult pregnancy.

6. Be informed

Regardless of whether it is your first pregnancy or not, going for a childbirth session is important to become a trim healthy pregnant mama.  It will ease tension with regards to delivery.  Also, you will get an opportunity to understand better issues to do with childbirth. It is also a great avenue to air your pregnancy concerns to your doctor.  You can disclose more details about the medical history of your family and past pregnancy challenges.  That way, the doctor can devise strategies to enhance a healthy pregnancy.

7. Limit chores

Some routine chores can be risky to your pregnancy.  Cleaning the toilet can expose you to harmful chemicals which can compromise your health and eventually that of the baby.  Lifting objects that are too heavy are risky too.  So try as much as possible not to engage in chores that might harm you or the baby.

8. Monitor your weight

Although you are eating for two, it is not a reason to gain too much weight during pregnancy.  After the pregnancy, it might prove challenging to lose the weight gained. On the other hand, failure to gain enough weight poses a risk to your baby.  You might deliver a low-weight baby hence pose it to developmental problems.  According to health experts, the ideal weight gain for a trim healthy pregnant mama is 25-35 pounds while that of overweight mama is15-25 pounds.  Consult your doctor during the entire pregnancy to ascertain if your weight gain is at a healthy rate.

9. Practice positive thinking and meditation

A healthy pregnancy is not only about eating healthy but also embracing a positive mentality.  If you want to have a smooth pregnancy, spare a few minutes each day to meditate.  Uttering some positive statements or having a quiet moment offers peace of mind.  It helps to eliminate anxiety and stress.  As you make this habit part of your daily routine, you will become happier as you progress on to become a trim healthy pregnant mama.

10. Use sunscreen


Conclusive evidence does not exist regarding the effects of prolonged sunlight exposure during pregnancy.  However, it is advisable to avoid too much sunlight exposure when pregnant because it triggers skin sensitivity in some cases.  Your risk of getting sunburn and dark spots on your face increases. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin.

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