Uncharted: The Lost Legacy — Old Rum In A New Bottle

Uncharted: the lost legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Genre:  Action / Third person shooting / Puzzle solving
Console:  PS4
Release date:  August 22, 2017
Developer:  Naughty Dog

The latest action-adventure game from Naughty Dog has been released to the market.  Uncharted: the lost legacy is the spin-off game from the most critically acclaimed mystery adventure game exclusively on PS4.

Following the foot step of the main series, the lost legacy is designed and developed under the concept of treasure hunting, Tomb-raider-like puzzle solving, and action-pack shooting game.  The story line is so compelling and well written with surprise plot twists that you don’t want to put your controller down until the truth is revealed.

It seems that our hero, Nathan Drake, has finally retired from treasure hunting and is enjoying a long vacation.  In the lost legacy, you will assume the role of Chloe Frazer, Drake’s rival fortune hunter, who is losing the confidence as a hunter because of the lost match against Nathan Drake.  Chloe has to work head-to-head with the ex-mercenary Nadine Ross who is also under a depression state because she just lost her mercenary job.  Such a fine combination.

Pixs of Chloe and Nadine standing on the cliff

Chloe and Nadine are embracing on a new adventure.

Their mission in the lost legacy is to retrieve the tusk of Ganesh, the precious treasure from the ancient empire of Hoysala.  This empire flourished in India during the 10th century.  Therefore, the main adventure of the lost legacy is taken place in India.  Chloe and Nadine have formed a temporary alliance with different purposes.  Chloe has a private reason while Nadine needs money from this operation to start up her mercenary brigade “Shoreline” again.  Both of them are heading to the Western Ghats which is believed to be the hiding place of the treasure.

However, the situation becomes nasty when they ran into a former military officer named “Asav” who believes that he is the descendant of the royal dynasty of Hoysala Empire and the rightful owner of the tusk of Ganesh.

Who will claim the tusk of Ganesh? Chloe, Nadine, or Asav? The rest of the story is up to you to find out.  Uncharted: the lost legacy is now available in both Blue-ray format and digital download.


Chloe and Nadine are on the gun fight

The fast-paced gun shooting combat

It would have saved me a lot of time if I copied the review of gameplay from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and pasted everything here.  Frankly speaking, the gameplay is almost identical to the latest adventure of Nathan Drake. It cannot help but think that the lost legacy is just another DLC of Uncharted 4.  The game features an adventure-like storytelling, a rolling gun battle, and a mind-blowing puzzle solving.  Up to this point, the lost legacy has done quite well to retain the same gameplay elements as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End which is one of the spectacular games on PS4.

Like Uncharted 4, both Chloe and Nadine still use their melee attack in combat or simply engage in a gun shooting to take down enemies.  Moreover, the game also provides the Stealth tactic which allows the player to sneak around enemies and take them out one after another.  This tactic is very useful when you want to infiltrate the enemy base undetected.  Of course, you can also play as John Rambo if you want to just shoot and kill enemies who get in your way.  Anyway, you must be tough enough to deal with a psychotic but smart AI enemies who can instantly kill you in a few hits.

On the other hand, your AI partner, Nadine, is almost invincible.  She can land a swift and deadly attack at a horde of enemies.  That makes her a perfect tanker to negate the attention of enemies from you.

pix of the god statue

One of the game’s puzzles solving

To upgrade or acquire weapons, you must unlock the hidden doors or any weapon storage boxes scattering around the area.  Simply rotate the left analog until the joystick starts vibrating and then hold it tight to unlock the box.  Some storage boxes may require multiple trials to finally unlock them.  As for a variety of long-range weapons, the lost legacy has offered the weapon lists that is almost identical to those available in Uncharted 4 DLC.

Naughty Dog seems to keep up with their standard since the graphic in the game is undeniably superb.  Textures of environments and character’s movements are carefully programmed.  The game is running smoothly at 30 fps speed which is sufficient enough to keep player attached to the game.  In the lost legacy, you have an option to capture any images you like.  This feature has proven to be so addictive and time-consuming.

Uncharted: the lost legacy is basically a linear game in term of storytelling and gameplay.  The game requires you to complete the mission in each chapter before advancing to the next.  However, chapter 4 is an exception due to its mini “open-world” element.  In this chapter, you are free to explore a vast beauty of the lost civilization or immerse yourselves in a wide array of puzzle solving.  From my point of view, puzzle solving is the most time-consuming part in the game.  It took me almost 4 hours to crack them all.  Additionally, you can test your skills in 14 different survival areas online.  Again, the online system looks and feels exactly like what you have seen in Uncharted 4.

The Bottom Line

Chloe and Nadine are on the jeep.

This game also features a jeep ride

Needless to say, Uncharted: the lost legacy is another top-notch exclusive game on PS4.  Even though the gameplay is almost identical to Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog has added some features such as Stealth tactic or buddy system.  Graphically, this game still kicks ass.

As mentioned earlier, the game has a linear story line.  The characters have to move from this point to the next depending on their mission.  Even though the game may be straightforward, its storytelling is very interesting though.  The lost legacy let us dig into the heart of two main characters, Chloe and Nadine.  While the combination of these girls may not be as perfect as Nathan’s, it seems to flow smoothly together.

pix of Chloe and Nadine are fighting side by side

The cooperation of a fortune hunter and a mercenary

The gameplay almost got a full score but I have to deduct one point due to its resemblance to Uncharted 4.  Of course, you still enjoy playing gunfight, exploring the ancient ruins, or cracking the enigma but I feel like I’m playing a DLC of Uncharted 4, not a whole new game.

The puzzles in the game are carefully designed and upgraded to be more challenging.  For those who complain about Uncharted 4’s puzzles, you are invited to play this game.

The strongest selling point of the Uncharted series remains in its stunning graphics and a spectacular gameplay.  Naughty Dog has done a very good job again.  They even sent their staffs to conduct a field research in India geographically and demographically.  The tales of supreme god Shiva and other Hindus deities are cleverly mixed up with the lost civilization which, at some point, is led to believe in its existence.

In short, this game is a must-have title for the PS4 fan.  Once hooked up to your controller, it is very hard to pull yourselves off the game.

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